Pyrotechnic Battle Scene Simulator Systems
by PR Tactical Corporation


Factory-Authorized Training for your personnel



PR Tactical Corporation’s comprehensive training includes customized training modules specifically tailored to compliment the products
in your training arsenal and the level of experience of your trainers. Our factory approved training includes classroom training, field
training and ongoing consulting to keep your trainers updated on the latest developments in pyrotechnic training aids.


Our focus is on safety and on producing realistic scenarios that will prepare your trainees for real-life situations.
We conduct our hands-on training at your facilities so you can maximize the benefits.


A US Navy veteran, Mr. Laughlin is a certified NRA firearms instructor, commercial pilot, and officer
in the US Civil Air Patrol. He conducts factory authorized training classes and product demonstrations
for PR Tactical at the consumer’s venue. He is also responsible for sales and purchasing.

Perry Sable is a certified Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and
Education (TCLEOSE) Trainer.


Due to the unique nature of force-on-force exercises, factory authorized training is strongly
recommended to all first time users, regardless of their skill level with explosives or demolition.

A full day of training consists of product familiarization, handling, preparation and firing of all
PR-Pyro Munitions using PR firing systems. The cost of the course is $895 per person including
the pyrotechnics used in class. The training courses are conducted at your venue.


Contact: Email:  •  713-728-4772, 936-443-3279, or 713-494-1836

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