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Magnum RPG3S

Long Range SAM, 60mm

RPG N Munitions


Made in USA

Model Number: PR-PyroTM  Magnum RPG3S

Firing System: Electric Match, 48” meters

Dimensions: 1.5” x 17.5” x 38mm

Body Material: Laminated Paper

Noise level: 130-140 dB

Range: 100 meters

DOT Hazard Class: 1.4G, UN 0431,
Articles, Pyrotechnics

Discharge Characteristic: Upon firing, this
device deflagrates completely with a loud bang.

Smokey comet projectile fired from

PR-RPG1 Simulator Launcher

      PR-PyroTM Magnum RPG3S



New RPG munition with longer range.

Our munitions and equipment create the sights, sounds, smells, and concussive effects soldiers will encounter in real combat scenarios.

PR Tactical Corporation munitions and equipment are purpose-designed for military and law enforcement training. Realism in training
helps stress-inoculate war fighters. We work closely with military and police training professionals to develop safe, realistic battle field
special effects (BFX). Our pyrotechnic simulators are DOT hazard class 1.4G, “Articles, Pyrotechnic” and legally shippable via ground or
air. Details and EX numbers are available upon request. We sell to the US Military; Federal, State, and local public safety agencies, and
certain government training contractors in support of military operations, Foreign Military and Law Enforcement organizations approved
by the US State Department and/or the US Department of Commerce.


      PR-PyroTM Long Range SAM, 60mm

Model Number: PR-PyroTM  Long Range SAM, 60 mm

Firing System: Electric Match

Dimensions: 2 3/8” x 18”

Body Material: Laminated Paper

Projectile: Comet only

DOT Classification: 1.4G UN 0431, Articles, Pyrotechnic

Proper Shipping Name: Articles, Pyrotechnic

Range: 450 – 500 vertical feet

Labels Required: Explosive 1.4G

Discharge Characteristic:   Shoulder-fired from RPG
or SAM Holders, or Ground- fired. Produces smoke train,
and burns out in flight with no residue.



Works in SAM Launcher

or ground rocket launch.

Shoulder-fired from RPG or SAM Holders, or Ground-fired. Produces smoke
train, & burns out in flight with no residue. Range: 450 - 500 vertical feet.



      PR-PyroTM RPG N Munitions

Model Number: PR-PyroTM

■ PR-Pyro RPG 1NTM Report Only

■ PR-Pyro RPG 2NTM Report & Tracer Combo

■ PR-Pyro RPG 3NTM Tracer Only

■ PR-Pyro RPG 4NTM Blank round, no projectile.

    Muzzle blast and smoke signature only.

Firing System: Electric Match, 30"

Range: 75-100 meters

Body Material:  Laminated Paper w/30mm HIPS base

Noise level: 140 dB

UN Number: 0431

Proper Shipping Name: Articles, Pyrotechnic

Labels Required: Explosive 1.4G

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“PR-Pyro”,“ PR Pyro RPG N Munition”, “PR-Pyro 1N”, “PR-Pyro 2N”, “PR-Pyro 3N” and “PR-Pyro 4N” are trademarks of PR Tactical Corporation.

Fired from PR-RPG1
Simulator Launcher

No Backblast.

      PR-PyroTM SAM 1N

Model Number: PR-PyroTM    SAM 1N

Firing System: Electric Match

Dimensions: 14.5’’ tall x 2” diameter

Weight: 12 ounces

Body Material: Laminated Paper

UN Number:  0431

Proper Shipping Name: Articles, pyrotechnic

Label Required: 1.4G

Range: 400-500 feet

Projectile: Red Tracer Comet (burns out in flight)

Discharge Characteristics:  Upon firing, the tracer
flies out leaving a visible smoky trail. Tracer burns out
in flight after two seconds with no residue.

Fires from PR-RPG1
Simulator Launcher with ...

...  the 50 mm SAM Munition Holder.

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