Pyrotechnic Battle Scene Simulator Systems
by PR Tactical Corporation


Made in USA


Model Number: PR-PyroTM  PR-SIM

• Weight: 22 lbs.

• Can be loaded in advance of use

• Easy to conceal or bury in the ground

• Color: Desert Tan



Weight: 22 lbs.

Holds 3 IED + 2 Mortar

+ 1 Smoke or Claymore



Weight: 18.5 lbs.

Holds 3 IED Munitions


Weight: 9.5 lbs.

Holds 3 IED + 1 Claymore or Smoke



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SIM1 Original
with square Smoke Munition Holder, limited quantities available.

The PR Pyro Simulator Stand, Original is weatherproof, powder-coated, solid steel weighing 22 lbs. The PR IED Simulator Stand will hold 3 IEDs, 2 Mortars, and 1 Smoke simultaneously. Unlimited use.

Smoke Munition

IED 1 Tubes

Steel Carrying Handle

IED 1 Munition

Mortar Munition

Mortar Tubes

1/4" Steel Base

      PR-PyroTM Simulator Stands

Smoke Munition Holder

Simulator Stands

Shock Tube Dispenser

Fuse Wire Dispenser

RPG Launcher Simulator


Our munitions and equipment create the sights, sounds, smells, and concussive effects soldiers will encounter in real combat scenarios.

PR Tactical Corporation munitions and equipment are purpose-designed for military and law enforcement training. Realism in training
helps stress-inoculate war fighters. We work closely with military and police training professionals to develop safe, realistic battle field
special effects (BFX). Our pyrotechnic simulators are DOT hazard class 1.4G, “Articles, Pyrotechnic” and legally shippable via ground or
air. Details and EX numbers are available upon request. We sell to the US Military; Federal, State, and local public safety agencies, and
certain government training contractors in support of military operations, Foreign Military and Law Enforcement organizations approved
by the US State Department and/or the US Department of Commerce.


      PR-PyroTM RPG Launcher Simulator

30mm RPG Munition Holder

Solid HDPE Body

Rear Grip

Rear Trigger

Forward Trigger

Forward Grip and Battery Compartment

Electric Match Connectors

Rugged Waterproof Case

Optional 50mm SAM Munition Holder

Also available:

  • 60 mm SAM Munition Holder

  • 38 mm RPG Holder

No Backblast.

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• Model Number: PR-PyroTM RPG-1

• Weight: 11 lbs.

• HDPE Construction

• No Back Blast

• Munition Range: 75 meters

• Four sections disassemble

for easy storage and shipment

• Rugged construction

• Will only fire these PR-PyroTM

Special Effects Munitions:

RPG1 – Report only

RPG2 – Report & Tracer

RPG3 – Tracer only

RPG4 – Squib load, muzzle

             signature only

Four sections disassemble for easy storage and shipment

Working replica of the ubiquitous RPG-7
Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher fires
several types of PR-Pyro training munitions.

      PR-PyroTM Shock Tube Dispenser Kit

Model Number: PR-PyroTM  STK

• Kit contains: three shock tube dispensers,

one Picatinny rail bracket, two square brackets

with extensions*.

• Each dispenser holds 50 feet of shock tube.

* Designed to fit the Remotec Andros bomb robot.

Works with gripper claw or bracket rail on robot.



      PR-PyroTM Fuse Wire Dispenser

Model Number: PR-PyroTM  FWK

Kit consists of 10 items:

• 1 ea. 200m Fuse Wire Holder  PR-FWCH*

• 1 ea. Picatinny Rail Mount PR-PRM*

• 1 ea. Square Mount Bracket PR-SMT*

• 1 ea. 100/50 m Coil Adapter  PR-FWA*

• 2 ea. 50 m Fuse Wire PR-FW50

• 2 ea. 100 m Fuse Wire PR-FW100

• 2 ea. 200 m Fuse Wire PR-FW200

* Items designed to fit Remotec Andros Bomb Robot



200m Fuse Wire Coil

200 m

Fuse Wire

Picatinny Rail Mount

Remotec Andros Bomb Robot

100 m

Coil Adapter

Square Mount Bracket

100m Fuse Wire Coil

50m Fuse Wire Coil

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