There is no more reliable way to track progress of post-surgery  injury recovery of bone strength and muscle mass or progress toward weight goals than with a cost-effective Dexa scan.

Comparison of radiation doses (Albabese et al. 2003)



  • Most accurate method available, with an error rate of only 1-2%
  • Distinguishes between fat mass, lean mass and bone mineral content in the body
  • Provides regional body analysis including lean mass vs fat mass in arms, legs, trunk, and android regions
  • Comparative left and right side analysis of lean and fat mass in arms, legs and trunk regions
    to monitor for imbalances due to overuse or injury
  • Total body bone density analysis to assess Osteoporosis risk
  • Does not require clothing removal
  • Does not require dietary restrictions such as fasting or eliminating water or caffeine intake
  • Radiation exposure levels significantly lower than other major medical diagnostic tools.  See chart below.


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