You can add the competitive edge of Dexa scanning to your personal regimen.
For health reasons or lifestyle preferences, you’ve decided to change your diet/exercise
routine.  How frustrating is it to work so hard and not see any results?

Dexa provides visual results of the progress of your diet and/or workout knowing you
are moving toward your individual physical goals will motivate you to continue.



  • Most accurate method available, with an error rate of only 1-2%
  • Distinguishes between fat mass, lean mass and bone mineral content in the body
  • Provides regional body analysis including lean mass vs fat mass in arms, legs, trunk, stomach and hips
  • Comparative left and right side analysis of lean and fat mass in arms, legs and trunk regions
    to monitor for imbalances due to overuse or injury
  • Muscle mass, definition, symmetry in body competitions
  • Does not require clothing removal
  • No fasting or other dietary restrictions
  • You would need 162 Dexa scans to equal the radiation dose in a dental bitewing X-ray



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