• Most accurate method available, with an error rate of only 1-2%
  • Distinguishes between fat mass, lean mass and bone mineral content in the body
  • Provides regional body analysis including lean mass vs fat mass in arms, legs, trunk,
    and android regions
  • Total body bone density analysis to assess Osteoporosis risk
  • Does not require clothing removal
  • Does not require dietary restrictions such as fasting or eliminating water or caffeine intake
  • Radiation exposure less than that of eating 4 bananas


For your complimentary baseline scan and information about group rates available to your clients,
check Nutritionist on our Contact Form (requires evidence of Nutritionist certification).


For more information about our Verified Trainer Program and your own complimentary
demonstration CompositionID baseline scan and report with evidence of certification, check
Trainer on our Contact Form.



You can help your clients track the results of
their dietary changes with the most accurate,
regionalized body composition reporting available
without expensive hospital testing.



The way to let your clients measure their success
and keep motivation is to let them see their
progress with their own eyes. The
detailed, visual reporting that comes
with every Dexa scan will clarify
the value of your personalized

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