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Praise for God Gave Us Wings

People are getting inspiration from just a quick preview
of the courageous women who tell their stories in God Gave Us Wings.

I read through your book preview and it gave me goosebumps.  I felt sad reading through the childhood experiences as
I can relate; it was difficult for me and my brothers growing up with an alcoholic father, but my mom managed to provide for
us.  It was the silent strength of my mother working overtime in near minimum wage jobs that carried us through financially during my formative years. Your story and the stories of each of the women you shared are inspiring.  Facing unjust oppression, horrible poverty, and persecution, it is truly amazing that each found their way in the world.  I believe many will also be touched by your words, and I look forward to buying my copy of such a special work.  May you continue to be inspired to fill volumes
with the stories of women who are fighting these battles each day and who make it.

Mike Powell, CEO, AP Facility Service


I really, really enjoyed reading your preview book last night and I can hardly wait
until it’s in print.  Thank you so much for sharing it with me. Congratulations on a
job well done.  I am very excited to read this inspiring book as I believe it will be spiritually aligned with the work I am doing.  Connie,  Your writing style is clear
and concise and captures the essence of each woman that you wrote about.
The inspirational quotes/life lessons are succinct and powerful.

Dr. Denise McDermott

PhD, Diplomate of Adult and Child Psychiatry

I started reading your book and
first of all, it’s fabulous! What a
great concept to compile all of
these inspirational women and their stories, and tie it all back to God.  Beautiful. Inspirational. Moving.
I believe your book will be as successful as the women

you write about.   Lisa

I read the preview and totally
loved it. It’s well-thought out and beautifully written. I especially like the positive message at the end of each chapter. Thanks for sharing.   Cheryl

I wanted to thank you for sharing the preview copy of the book with me. I was honored and wish I could have written a full review on the book, but I am really looking forward to reading it in it’s entirety. I could not help but cry hearing their stories, if only the world could understand the impact and damage caused by such abuses. I love that you took on this task and will be sharing it with the world.   Otis

Speaks VOLUMES to my soul! Looking forward to reading it.   Denise

I love it. Quite inspirational and moving.  Symone

I just finished reading your preview.  Chapter 1 was amazing.  You were able condense Oprah’s preview to just 4 pages
without the reader feeling that you left anything out. That’s an amazing feat.  I’m a huge fan of Oprah and you paid homage magnificently. Chapter 2 - Lilly - Left me breathless.  Literally.  I had to remind myself to breathe. I had to remind myself that this story has a happy ending and so I was able to keep reading. Chapter 3 - This chapter left me intrigued. How does a girl go from contemplating suicide to changing thousands of lives?  I got to the end of Chapter 3 thinking “I want more!” Chapter 4 - Keo’s story hit close to home for me. My cousin married a beautiful  Vietnamese woman and they escaped Vietnam as well and spent 2 years in a refugee camp.  Your hard numbers such as “half a million people drowned crossing the Mekong River” makes this story not only credible but heart wrenching.  You’ve managed to add the perfect number of facts without overwhelming the reader (me).  At the end of the chapter, I found Keo’s thoughts on success to be very moving.  Chapter 5 - Connie’s story really caused me to think that successful people might be wired differently.  What is it in someone that makes them “get up after they fall down again” again and again? I didn’t realize that each chapter will come with a worksheet.  That’s brilliant.  Book clubs are going to eat this up. Thank you for sharing the preview with me.  I feel very blessed.  I can’t wait to read the finished product.


I was truly inspired by your book. It’s amazing ... just remarkable. I’m currently
writing a book for empowerment I almost quit today until I had that read. It just pushed me to continue.   Oneil

Connie, the book preview itself was very inspirational! Especially the chapter on Oprah!   Yuna

Africa’s women should applaud your great work. They need all the inspiration they can get. snouxposwa

Thank You for connecting! Your book seems highly inspiring!


I’m excited to read this book. God brings things into our lives when we need them.
It’s funny because I wrote a song called
How Can I Fly.  This reminded me

of it.   Robin

Truly amazing book you have. Divinely close and a pleasure to read. Thank you.   Nancy

Connie, this is awesome! and is probably one of many letters you will receive in the years to come! So proud of you and the difference your book is already making!   Chris

As I enter a new season in my life following my second breast cancer and on the cusp of a divorce, I am starting my life over
as an empty nester at 48 having had a radical mastectomy and hysterectomy in the last year. I’m looking forward to reading
the story of these amazing women. I follow you on Twitter, thank you for the updates.    Elecia

Awesome Awesome Awesome!!! This book was a tremendous blessing to read. When a person is in need of a Divine Miracle, from on high, these stories will encourage and strengthen their prayer life. If anyone has a heart and have a relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ, then this book, will reach it! Forever Remaining In His Service,
Apostle Katrina M. Walker

As someone who grew up in a terribly abusive & alcoholic home, I really identified with many stories. You really captured how strong woman really are, when they have no other choices. I am glad I was the one, who broke the mold. Never, ever touched alcohol or cigarettes, never, ever beat or hurt our son. Walked my own path as a disowned daughter. (My parents legally disowned me, the youngest of (3), and called, "the mistake"). I am eager to purchase your book on AMAZON, so I can read more. Giving back not only helps the person receiving, it heals the person giving. Warm regards, and thank you for the book preview.


Just to say, "bravo!" Thanks for sending the preview of God Gave Us Wings. It confirms the power of God's love at work in the lives of these courageous children who would become women of grace and substance. As a woman on a mission to empower the authentic voice in women - I can only say, well done!


I just finished reading your book preview and I was quite fascinated with the fact
that those stories were real life events. I can relate myself to some of them and
I know that our God is a loving God who will never leave our side, especially in difficult situations like the ones in your book. God bless your beautiful soul and
such wonderful work you are doing. He is indeed a loving God who works in mysterious ways.   Vaisala

Thanks so very much! In one word, Wow!. When you started with Ms. Oprah, I expected to see just the rich, famous,
influential.  What follows, extraordinary stories of  ‘ordinary’ women who decided that God gave them wings and that nobody
or circumstance could prevent them from flying and achieving all that God had in store for them. Great work Connie. I’ll be waiting for the finished work/book.    James

Thank you for the preview of your book God Gave Us Wings. I was so inspired by all the experiences those remarkable women had.   Neilie

Connie Rankin


A Journey to Success: Theirs, Mine and Yours!

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